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Cut and Bend Factories - The Utmost Edge


With a view to offer value added services to Civil Contractors, we established Utmost Manufacturing in Dubai and Utmost Gulf in Mussafah which incorporate four state-of-the-art facilities offering Cut and Bent Rebars according to BS 4466:1989 & BS 8666:2000specifications as well as Pre-Fabricated Pile Cages.

These modern factories feature latest German equipment from Stema/Pedax, a very well established and reputed name among Cut and Bend Equipment suppliers. To minimize wastage and ensure accurate Bar Bending Schedules, technologically advanced software from Lennerts and Partners, also from Germany, is employed.

Key  machinery in Dubai &Mussafah plants




  Main Shear Line

4 Nos




  Mini Shear Line

4 Nos

  Double Bending Machine

8 Nos

  Single Bending Machine

12 Nos

  Automatic Stirrup Bender

4 Nos

Cross Conveyor to move the material from Shear Line to Bending Line automatically

2 Nos

  Chain Conveyor as above

4 Nos

  Overhead Cranes to move the material

6 Nos

  Stahl, Germany

  Overhead Cranes to move the material

15 Nos

  Kuli, Germany

  Automatic Cage Making  Machine–2 Mtrs. dia

2 Nos

  Schnell, Italy

These factories are manned by well experienced customer driven Production Managers, Supervisors and trained skilled machine operators and are supported by a team of highly competent Civil Engineering staff who prepare reliable and accurate Shop Drawings and Bar Bending Schedules.

Strict quality control procedures, a comprehensive heat number traceability system and a focus on timely deliveries has helped us service several large and prestigious projects across the emirates

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